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30 Day Transformation

Before beginning the 30 day Transformation with Rev. Kasey, I was in a dark, dry place in my life. From the first day to the last of the Transformation, I have seen God move in my life! Rev. Kasey encouraged me to empower myself. The daily commitments to myself have motivated me to go to another level NO MATTER WHAT! I thank God for Rev. Kasey and looking forward to the next 30 days!!!!

Tarsha G.

I must admit, my first encounter with Kasey was what I thought, at the time, mere coincidence. It was through a social media friend request which stemmed from some profound message I had read on his Facebook page. Because of this chance encounter, my life will never be the same. It was like, I finally get to meet someone who is not afraid to embrace the light. Far too long have people been blinded by the myths and legend. Kasey speaks words of empowerment, hope and life. I participated in phases I, II and III of his Intentional Transformation seminars. The experience was nothing short of AMAZING!!! Because of that experience, I would encourage anyone who desires to create a life of their dreams to give the Kasey Corbin experience a try. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!


Larry Matthews, BS, MS

Thank you Rev. Kasey!! To say that this 30-Day Intentional 
Transformation process has been absolutely one of the most motivational and life-changing experiences I've ever had would be an understatement. The phrases you've used to motivate "There's always another level..." "No Matter What..." "Do it until you DO feel like it," etc... have kept me going. I am excited to continue and see how much further I can push myself into being the best ME I can be. Thank you for answering your calling and especially for sharing this wisdom & teaching with us!!


-Rochelle A.

When my spiritual transformation began, I was not sure what to think or what would come out of it. While being guided under Rev. Kasey's wing, I began to have the consistent will to learn more not only about my spiritual worthiness, but to learn of my true self-worth.

Through the techniques of creative visualization (vision/faith board), the techniques of mantras/affirmations and even breathing techniques, I have been able to take what Rev. Kasey expresses on the live feeds and apply them to my daily by practicing what he's taught. The process will vary for anyone, but it does work!! THIS INTENTIONAL TRANSFORMATION CAN WORK IF YOU REALLY DO THE WORK OUTSIDE OF THE LIVE FEEDS!

Thank you Rev. Kasey for showing me that what seemed IMPOSSIBLE is POSSIBLE for universal/conscious/spiritual living. I hope this testimony blesses and inspires someone and I will continue to grow in the spirit of my true divinity! The motto is true... he's truly building and transforming lives "from the inside out!" AMAN!


Destiny J.

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